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June 30, 2020 - 1:35 p.m.

I'm trying not to blow the top of my head from my skull, from the fuming rage I'm feeling. My parents are the 'bubble' we've created to stay safe, and not lose our minds, during Covid19. And the sheer idiocy I just experienced is making me shake with anger; their neighbour, whose house they enter to let out their dog, just walked right into the house, through the mudroom, kitchen, into the basement, into the den, sat beside my dad on a couch... not six feet away and then said, 'well, do you want to come to my house,' when it was mentioned that I was not comfortable. This woman does bike tours... so who the fuck knows how many people she is breathing air with, fitting with helmets, etc. And this is how she 'social distances...' breathing her germs all over the house, where my wife is working, my one year old plays...

She is here to have us do her a favour... to make scanned copies and offer official signatures. Sorry, but I don't like you enough to get Covid for you. And if this is how you act ... we are obviously not the only people you are close and exchanging air with.

I did NOT sacrifice for four months to come here and have this one idiot undo all those efforts. We don't go anywhere, except the fucking hospital, and to pick up groceries. We wipe the groceries down, unbox and leave to decontaminate everything that comes into the house. We got tested for Covid SO we could confidently bubble with my parents. Do they have a fucking death wish? Is it too awkward to say to your idiot neighbour... please leave the papers in the mailbox, we will copy and sign them, then get them back to you.

Then I hear my dad saying, 'Is she really that worried?' Um, yes... people are dying. I have no idea if my son's lungs are good. There are longterm health impacts for people who contract it. I will be pregnant soon. My parents are in their sixties... do they have a death wish?

Why would you risk it? If I haven't let my son play with other children, or even touch a swing set in four months, why would I break quarantine to inhale the oblivious, stupid air of your neighbour?!

And Dad's response speaks volumes: it's MY problem. I'm overreacting. I reached out to him the first time neighbour-lady came by and sat way too close in the steps of the pool; her 2 feet instead of 6 made me uncomfortable and wary. Turns out that he is part of the problem. FUCK. I wanted to be able to relax.

And his reaction, that the problem is 'my sensitivity' not his stupid behaviour... or lack of boundaries, makes me lose all confidence that prior to this he was observing any of the social distancing measures.

I feel like the entire visit is just over for me. What is the point? They have no regard for our safety or their own. It's brutal.

This isn't a safe, relaxing place to be.


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